CoinSwifter is designed as a secure cold wallet where swaps of Coins and Tokens listed on the stock exchange and many exchanges, as well as projects coming out of the XRAY base, can be performed. Swifter Wallet brings you one step closer to your goal of making money free by joining the Broovs ecosystem. Swifter Wallet is the official mobile wallet of the Broovs ecosystem. In addition to providing you with a secure and easily accessible place where you can keep your funds outside the Exchanges, it also contributes to your crypto experience with many functions it offers. So why should you use Swifter Wallet?
1. You can use for free Swifter Wallet is completely free. You don't have to pay to download the app and there are no october fees hidden inside the app either. Naturally, you need to pay network transaction fees and similar fees, as with all blockchain products, but the Swifter Wallet team does its best to minimize the transaction fees you pay and never takes commissions.
2. It supports many assets Having many different wallets can push you. Having everything in one place makes your job easier. Swifter Wallet supports more than 10 Blockchains and especially the BSC network, and is renewing itself every day. In short, thousands of crypto currencies and tokens are supported.
3. You can easily use your cryptos Receiving and sending crypto has never been designed to be so easy. You can send crypto directly from your phone to standard Blockchain addresses, QR codes or simple addresses. Because it is integrated into the Swift Messenger application located in the Broovs ecosystem, you can have a pleasant time and make a transfer.
4. Decentralized Swifter Wallet is a decentralized wallet, which means that you have control of your private keys, and as a result, you will be completely free of your cryptos. Since you keep your private keys in your own hands, you can access your funds without a Swifter Wallet if you need to. No one but you can access your cryptos. Swifter Wallet does not store your crypto in other wallets and cannot even see how much crypto you keep there.
5. It is confidential and secure Broovs and Swifter Wallet have many common core values, and one of them is the absolute necessity of protecting users. Swifter Wallet is carefully designed to keep your funds safe. Moreover, no personal data is collected or saved, so you can be sure that your identity is secure.
6. You can buy crypto with your card (coming soon) Swifter Wallet is trying to be integrated into many card payment servers.This means that you can buy your favorite crypto currencies without leaving the application. When this feature is fully activated, select only the crypto currency you want to buy, enter your card information and within a few minutes the funds will be added to your wallet.
7. You can buy, sell or exchange crypto (coming soon) Now you will be able to buy, sell and exchange crypto from your cold wallet. Two different services of Swifter Wallet that make this possible will be integrated.: barter and stock exchange. Swap is a simple interface through which you can quickly exchange one crypto for another. The stock market, on the other hand, is more advanced and offers more control over trading. The exchange feature is made by connecting to the CoinSwifter Exchange.