Broovs is a smart web browser integrated into blockchain technology. Broovs never uses other browsers' databases. With its unique structure, Broovs generates its own data through users. All data entry is made by users and approved by users, as a result of each transaction, users earn BRS Tokens. Designed to be Web 3.0 compatible, does not share its information with 3rd parties and does not keep records. The searches made by users are listed with the most comments and likes or the most useful links to people at the top. BRS Tokens produced on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) infrastructure are used on the exchanges where it is traded. Broovs users earn reward tokens through a smart contract from their data entry based on their level. They can transfer their earned rewards to stock markets or Broovs Wallet quickly and easily via the Crypto wallet included in it. This mechanism is a mechanism that operates outside of the classical mining logic, and instead of expensive video cards or high electricity bills, it distributes reward tokens in exchange for manpower and labor. Broovs is community and people oriented. It uses the interpretive feature of human intelligence. Broovs also distributes reward tokens through searches you make in your browser. It takes quite a while to reach the right information in classical web browsers. Accessing accurate and reliable information among millions of data offered by classical browsers consumes the limited time of users. Broovs, on the other hand, presents data that has already been checked and interpreted by a user. Users can instantly access summary information about the content of the site in the form of mini-articles on the ranking page, without entering the site. In this way, users can access more information in a short time. Broovs completely handles the human factor and carries out all its development in proportion to the increase of users. Due to its focus on people and society, generates its income in BRS Tokens and after the developer shares are separated, it shares the remaining income with its users by regularly distributing BRS Tokens. By installing the web application, all these operations can be done quickly and effectively with Broovs Broovser.