It is the first messaging program in the world with WEB 3.0 feature. It has 33 separate features and is designed as the upper version of existing messaging programs. It is a user-oriented project. It stands out with its human benefit-oriented features. Records of conversations are not kept, they are not shared with third parties, women, children and disabled users are prioritized, and the location of your loved ones is notified at any time with the emergency assistance feature and location tracking system. It is the first and only messaging application in the world with a crypto wallet. It is the first and only application where platform revenues are shared with users as BRS Tokens. It will be updated as V1, V2,V3,V4,V5 (V: Version) and all the features will be installed.
1. SWIFT, which is the first messaging program based on XRAY Blockchain and XRAY Blockchain, which is still in progress, is an application that does not crash or slow down because it solves the server need with the program downloaded by the members, and it is FREE.
2. Thanks to the Blockchain technology it uses, it does not tire your phone unnecessarily and does not cause it to slow down.
3. Correspondence and conversations are never recorded, and are not shared with third parties.
4. You can send a message without having to save the phone number that you communicate.
5. Multi-messaging support is determined as 1000 people, you can also send multiple messages with the select all option.
6. You can create private Chat rooms for your work, family and loved ones.
7. You can open a group chat with your business groups for a period of time, you do not have to leave at the end of the time, the group will automatically close when the time expires.
8. You can make video and audio conversations.
9. You can easily send a voice message.
10. You can easily send and receive location.
11. You can share status.
12. You can delete the messages you sent at any time, there is no time limit.
13. No one can add members to groups without approval.
14. Messages from people who are not registered in the Contacts will fall into the confirmation section, the other party will not see what you see.
15. You can send a voice or text message with a future date.
16. You can also message from your computer with the computer application.
17. You can share files and documents.
18. In case of a busy call, the automatic message feature is activated and the message you want is automatically forwarded.
19. Provides easy messaging with automatic language option in international messages.
20. There is an option to read aloud for the visually impaired, the incoming message is transmitted aloud.
21. It is the first messaging program in the world with a crypto wallet and instant money sending feature.
22. Crypto wallet is opened on demand, not every member has to open it.
23. Thanks to its SWIFT wallet feature, it can also be used as a cold wallet or swap wallet.
24. Members can transfer Tokens or any Coins among themselves by paying a very low fee.
25. Thanks to the passwords of the wallets, even if the members lose their phone, they can log in with their passwords from another phone and all the accounts in the other wallet will be offline.
26. It provides the opportunity to transfer 500 TL per day or send money online by defining a Credit Card to the account.
27. Those who download a Crypto wallet from the Settings section have to confirm their identity.
28. It gives a chance to win BRS Token for every message sent in the system. The earned BRS Token can be converted into cash and used on the exchanges where it is listed.
29. With the EMERGENCY Assistance button, you can send instant help and location information to your relatives with a single click in an emergency.
30. By activating automatic location information, the location of your child or loved ones is sent to you as a message at desired intervals.
31. Each user will have the opportunity to earn BRS Tokens for each sent message and according to the amount of correspondence made in the admin groups. For the members who do not want to use their correspondence income and income within the system, monthly donations are provided to organizations such as Foundations, Associations, Sports Clubs, etc.
32. Since the advertising fees are received with BRS Token, they are shared with the program users as BRS Token at a certain rate after user approval.
33. It will be the first messaging program in the world that is compatible with the WEB 3.0 feature, which has been on the agenda lately, thanks to it uses BRS Token in its content, shares its revenues with users and does not keep any data records.