It has been designed to be the world's first and only live social media platform with WEB 3.0 feature. It was created by identifying the best features of many social media programs currently used and combining the features that people like and demand the most. It offers a real scoring algorithm that scores for influencers, measures social media activity and interaction of influencers. Thanks to this algorithm, it allows advertisers to advertise accurately and effectively. The flow of information and the quality of publications are scaled in social media. Users can follow any streamer, subscribe and send rewards. You can follow the platform without being a member. It has been designed in such a way that user incomes are very high compared to other applications, and education and family details are especially considered. It is the first and only social media application in the world that uses BRS Token and has a crypto wallet. It is the first and only application to share platform revenues with users as BRS Tokens after developer shares are separated. The platform can be accessed and used via the web and also with the mobile application.