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February, 05, 2021

November, 26, 2021

January, 26, 2022

Today, many of the internet users around the world only look at the first few pages of search engines and tend to rely on the information that appears on those pages. Existing search engines also rely on this behavior pattern of people while developing their algorithms. Algorithms developed in this way direct the users to the desired target rather than meeting the information needs of the users. Search engines generally prefer to direct users to these pages by acting according to the desires of businesses that pay advertisements and provide the most profit. The fact that companies serve their own interests rather than benefits creates algorithms that tend to provide interesting data, especially incomplete and misleading. The problem that arises is a situation that makes it difficult to reach the real and desired information and causes users to spend their limited time inefficiently. Broovs Projects has set out with the aim of both solving these problems and changing this situation that ignores the users of these applications that generate income thanks to the users. Broovs Projects delivers real information quickly and accurately to its users with user-friendly algorithms. It never uses the database of other browsers. Data entries are created by users thanks to the easy interfaces it offers to its users. Information mini-article related to any site is presented to users in Broovs. Broovs Projects are people and benefits oriented. It shares its revenues with users who are beneficial to it and provides growth, and makes its growth plan in line with the demands of the users. It uses the interpretive feature of human intelligence. Data is generated by interpreters and validators. The data available to users has already been interpreted and verified by a user before. Thanks to this interpretation and verification Broovs' algorithms, the information, which has been made into mini-articles, is displayed under the website link. Users can access summary information before entering the site. In this way, the already limited time factor is maximized. Broovs sends BRS token rewards to their data entry-verify users. It uses the blockchain base for submissions. BRS token usage area is quite common. It has been developed and continues to be developed for use in projects involving Broovs in the fields of internet advertising, games, programs and software. Broovs Projects helps advertisers find more effective advertising channels while providing a better return. It is a system that allows publishers to earn higher returns on useful content than existing applications, while providing users with both time, information and tokens.
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BRS Token was issued in DexChain infrastructure as 11 billion. BRS Token, designed to be used in Broovs Projects, will be used in all Broovs projects, although 11 billion units have been produced by calculating the revenues to be shared with users (data entries, registration transactions, search rewards, reference rewards), ICO sales, staking revenues and developer shares. It is planned to reduce the supply to 1 billion units by accelerating the incineration process. The suitability of the network structure to the planned projects will be tested, and in case of incompatibility, the network structure will be changed and the supply amount will be recalculated considering the utilization rates of the projects. Due to the network structure and the slowness of the service it provides, on 07.01.2022, the BRS Token was removed from the BSC network at the address 0x98C6fD0281A9A0300cB88553Bf386a3492bb70F7 with an offer of 1.5 billion and the transition to the BSC network was completed on 10.01.2022. BRS Token is designed to be used in digital advertising, commission and all services in web browser and mobile applications. BRS Token offers economic opportunities by saving users from extra costs due to the fact that it makes direct and fast payments with payment methods without using any intermediaries. Advertisers or service buyers can obtain BRS Tokens from CoinSwifter Exchange, which is planned to be held in the Broovs Ecosystem, and other listed exchanges, where users' data entry, search and reference rewards, investors who buy from exchanges for investment purposes or lockers put their earnings on sale